How do I deal with stains on my rug?

Stains should be cleaned up immediately to prevent setting in permanently. A clean white towel should be used to absorb as much of the spill as possible. (Coloured towels can transfer their dyes to the wool rug and should never be used.) Due to potential damage or shrinkage of fibers, stains should not be scrubbed only blotted and pressed. If a large amount of a more solid matter has been dropped onto the rug, a spoon can be used to gently scoop the matter up.

Dry foam cleaning products make an efficient and safe way to clean up stains on wool area rugs. These products don’t use much water, which means the rug will dry quickly without the risk of developing mildew. The label directions should be followed carefully and usually include working the foam into the rug fibers, allowing it to dry, and then vacuuming up the remaining residue. Water and vinegar can also be used to dab on stains as a natural cleaner.