Carpet and Fabric Protection

Benefits of protecting your carpet and furniture


Sydney Carpet Protection


Sydney carpet protection by Revive Carpet Cleaning offer a protectant that will refresh the lost performance of stain resistant in carpets and furniture from everyday wear, fortifying their ability to resist re-soiling and staining. It will out perform, in every way, all of the “Big Name” protectants that claim protection against acid dyes. Our Carpet and furniture protectors are LOADED with a proprietary blend of advanced polymers, acid-dye blockers and fluorochemicals to deliver outstanding protection against spills, stains, soil, and oil .

Our carpet protector is unsurpassed at blocking stains from acid-dyes such as found in red children’s Drinks and many other food and drink products. It may be applied to both synthetic and natural fibers; with its enhanced acid-dye blocking ability it is especially beneficial when applied to nylon or wool.

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