Despite best efforts, you can’t avoid kids spilling jam on the carpet or people walking over. Layers of dust, dirt and grime particles cover the rug and make it a major source of allergies.

Revive Carpet Cleaning understands the requirement and offers professional assistance.  Avail effective carpet dry cleaning services in Sydney from us, and get the best deal! The whole process includes:

  • Thorough Inspection of Carpets
  • Strategizing a Proper Method According to the Type of Material
  • Advanced Vacuuming and Pre-Treatment
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Stain Removal and Treatment
  • Fabric Protection


This technique is usually preferred for carpets made from delicate material and doesn’t involve hot water extraction method. In such a manner, there are fewer chances of any shrinking and one doesn’t have to compromise on the quality.

Our experienced carpet cleaners rub a specific quantity of powdered detergents on the rug and extract it back using vacuum cleaner. We aim at preparing balanced chemical ratio for restoring its original colour. Finishing off, we groom the carpet properly for a refined finish.

Thinking how this technique is beneficial? Here are some merits:

  • Deep dirt extraction using graded equipment and organic chemicals
  • Customised plans depending on the carpet’s fabric type
  • Anti-allergic carpet cleaning techniques
  • Safe to use around kids, pets and older people with breathing problems
  • Flexible availability and working hours

Revive’s advanced dry cleaning process helps to break down stubborn stains easily. The results are amazing! Get the best carpet dry cleaning services in Sydney now!