Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

Revive Carpet Cleaning professionals can effectively clean your carpets and restore them in its original condition. Steam cleaning effectively deep cleans carpets from a build-up of dust, oils, particulate matter and grime which work their way deep down into carpet over time.

Some of the key benefits of having your carpet steam cleaned is the minimisation of chemicals used during the process. Steam cleaning uses environmentally friendly solutions leaving the carpet and air free of any allergen causing compounds. The steam clean treatment method gets deep into the carpet fibre, and will extract deep seated dirt, and debris,

In addition, there is less chance of harmful residues contaminating the indoor environment. The air can remain healthy and clean for those within the space

Advantages and benefits of Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

  • Removes harmful allergens
  • Carpet Deodorising
  • Stain removal
  • Extend carpet lifespan
  • Healthier environment
  • State of the art equipment

Our Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Methods

There are actually two methods of steam cleaning, steam cleaning and the hot water extraction method. Steam cleaning is intermittently used to refer to both methods, but the technique applied is slightly different. One of our professionals can advise which of the steam clean methods would be best used on your carpet.

  1. Pre vacuuming
  2. Pre spray solution on carpet
  3. Spot treatment for stubborn stains
  4. Agitating carpet
  5. Hot water extraction with a clean rinse to neutralise & protect anti-resoiling properties, stabilizes the dyes and helps protect the fibre itself.
  6. This prepares the carpet & makes it a perfect base for the protection to be applied

Hot water Extraction Method

This method is also referred to as steam cleaning. Hot water and the powerful suctioning action of an industrial vacuum are used in combination. The water used is hot, but not so hot that it can cause fibre shrinkage. This technique is very efficient in ridding carpets of deep dust, debris, dirt, and stains.

Flexible and affordable

The team at Revive Carpet Cleaning value your time, homes and workplaces. We are happy to arrange our professional services during business hours, evenings or weekends, whenever it suits you. Leave your carpet cleaning needs to the experts. We provide great results at affordable prices every time.


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